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Justin Bieber is in the clear under the law. 

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Country District Attorney rejected two cases against the pop star. 

Both made headlines shortly after they happened - the first involved allegations from one of his Calabasas, California neighbors, who claimed Bieber spat in his face back in March. 

According to TMZ, the D.A. ruled that there wasn't enough evidence, despite the fact that the alleged victim actually kept some of the star's saliva as proof.  The case won't move forward, but the D.A. did call Bieber's behavior "disproportionate and immature."  

The 19-year-old is also off the hook for a speeding case from July, in which former NFL player and neighbor Keyshawn Johnson ended up chasing the singer through the neighborhood.  Apparently video footage from Bieber security cameras prove that Justin was not behind the wheel, but riding on a motorcycle behind.  

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