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Miley Cyrus says she knew what she was doing when she made the Internet explode last August with her VMA performance.  In her MTV documentary called "Miley: The Movement," which premiered on Wednesday night, she speaks about her goals for that night. 

The documentary started with the release of Miley's single "We Can't Stop."  The singer kicked off a huge promotional tour, which included back-to-back appearances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "Good Morning America."  Her normally tough exterior wore down a bit when she became sick that day.  The singer admitted to the pressure she's putting on herself for her upcoming Bangerz release, saying it needs to go to number one for her to feel like the blood, sweat and tears she put in was worth it.  

Pharrell Williams spoke about how he's encouraged Miley to continue pushing the envelope.  Explaining her transition, or "movement," as she calls it, Pharrell said he wished people would remember that she's a "20-year-old that's evolving." He said that Miley was "raised in the era when hip-hop was king," and her embracing the culture represents how "she's a by-product of America." 

While the documentary gave fans a sneak peak into her world, it failed to address her parents' recent separation, or her breakup with Liam Hemsworth.  

Miley poked fun at her now infamous VMA performance in promos for her upcoming appearance on 'SNL' this weekend. Check it out here: