Hurricane season starts June 1st.

And, an evacuation plan is among the preparations South Floridians should be making.

Emergency management officials say families should communicate to know where everyone is supposed to go in the event there is order an evacuation.

Mary Ann Adams, with vehicle location subscription service OnStar, says it all starts with the basics.

"Stay attuned to the weather forecast, and make sure that you listen to your public safety officials. If they ask to evacuate, make sure that you evacuate with plenty of time, so you're not stuck in traffic," said Adams.

Adams says vehicle location systems like OnStar can help subscribers if they need help with evacuation routes, access to shelters, updated crisis information, and assistance with contacting emergency responders.

The technology can be very useful before a storm as it relates to evacuations, Adams says.

There are also many mobile apps for hurricane tracking that can provide tips and up-to-the-minute information on evacuation orders.






(Photo: NASA / 2005 NASA)