Adele's son has won a lawsuit here's the kicker, he's only one-year-old. I didn't even know that young of a child could file a lawsuit?! But then again it is Hollywood and anything goes. Angela James Konekci is now getting money put in a trust fund since he won a five figure lawsuit against the paps for documenting him and his famous mums private moments. Adele's lawyer commented on the ruling and said, "It is a matter of profound sadness that many of his milestone moments, such as his first family outing and his first trip to the playgroup, were photographed and published worldwide expressly against his families wishes." The attorney also added that Adele made it very clear that she will never make her son "public property."  The toddler will turn two this October, Adele and family:1 Paparazzi:0. 

Gareth Cattermole/ 2012 Getty Images