What's it like being behind the scenes at the fabulous Sephora stores? A few ladies set up an AMA to share some insight. Here are some Sephora secrets:

1) They don't sell products that are available at lower-end stores. For example, when Lorac went to Kohls, Sephora stopped selling Lorac. They don't want to sell brands that are also available at places that are more downscale.

2) Has anyone ever gotten herpes or pink eye from using a tester product?

"I don’t know of anyone getting sick from out testers. … I would stay away from mascara and lip gloss though as there really isn’t a way to spray alcohol inside the tube," The employee says.

3) Do employees judge girls who come to the store without makeup? 

"I definitely don’t. I never wear makeup on my days off and often come in the store bare faced. I’ve never heard a coworker snicker about a makeupless face either. We take off your make up to test foundation anyway," She says.

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Angela Weiss / 2014 Getty Images