It's summer time and the living should be easy, but vacations and traveling along with toddlers could put a damper on the fun. We've all had those flights with the screaming and fussy children on them. These flights seem to never end but some new goody bag ideas might change this. People traveling with toddlers have started making goody bags to hand out to fellow passengers. In them one "drink coupon" to make them think about the bar they can go to once the passenger is off the plane. 'E.T' well, money to rent the movie to keep them occupied, a compact mirror to get a good look and see what kind of person gets mad at people traveling with toddlers,  a heartfelt note, the worlds smallest violin, and a sleeping pill. I mean if someone gave me this I think I would get less mad. What do you guys think of this clever idea?! 


Greg Wood/ 2009 AFP