Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga used to be great friends six years ago. Now, Perez Hilton claims she has been "poisoned" by fame. 

Gaga claims that Hilton set her up when he interviewed her this week. On Australia's "Mornings" show, he brought up the questions about her single, "Judas," and her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. She as angered and stopped the interview. 

Hilton says, "It made me really question and reevaluate my entire 'friendship' with her...and now I really feel like that whole time she was just using me, 'cause I knew her back in 2008 at the very beginning before she was famous. And I would've still been her friend now even if she wasn't famous." He claims, "I think it was fame that just poisoned her."

Gaga told Howard stern that during the 2011 interview with Hilton, she saw the cracks in their friendship and ended the relationship shortly after.

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Gaga Looks posted this to her instagram this week.