A man named Duff Watson and his two young daughters were supposed to board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis when an agent refused to let them board!

Watson supposedly is an "A-list member," but the agent gave him priority boarding WITHOUT his daughters! Obviously this made Watson furious, so he waited with his daughters in the terminal. Then, he went up to the agent to discuss the matter where she reportedly told him, "You don't need my last name for anything."

Completely shocked, Watson took to twitter to express his anger tweeting, "@SouthwestAir and then I get to the gate!!! C39!!! Rudest staff? Kimberly S"

That's when things went south and she ended up kicking the family off the plane for "safety reasons." The agent even went so far as to threaten to call the police! 

Eventually they were able to board the plane, but the story is ridiculous.