Check out DJ Vice with an exclusive mix on Y100 during CLUB 100.
This Sunday, Feb 9th, from 3AM - 4AM.



Poised at his laptop, where he’s masterminding his newest mix, DJ Vice flashes a smile and says, “I love what I do.  There’s no part of me that wakes up and is like, ‘Dang. I have to go to work.’ To still have that newness driving me is a good thing.”


While he’s still a young man, DJ Vice is also an industry veteran approaching his 20-year mark.  The LA native discovered his passion for spinning records at the age of 12, when he bought his first turntables.  Like most musically precocious kids, he came into that world by hearing – and falling in love with – what his older brother and older sister were playing.   “I’d borrow from my sister’s collection of Air Supply, Blondie, Depeche Mode and Madonna records.  My brother would have the Cure and Morrissey and I would buy hip-hop and house records.”