Check out DJ Jay Mac with an exclusive mix on Y100 during CLUB 100.

This Sunday, from 3AM - 4AM.
Music helps define a person. It adds the colorful language between the who's and what's. A good tune can bring people together no matter the circumstance.It brings a sense of community to people". That's is what I get from Djing anyways. It's very full filling to get a email or text from someone saying what I just did on the radio made it little better out there. That and I get to mess with Mack often which is awesome. I have been in the club business longer than I will admit and have been on FM radio for 10 years. The first time I ever heard a good mix show on the radio was on Y100. To be apart of it all these years later,stunned.Recently I won Promo Only's best syndicated mix show Dj of the Year 2012. All the cities I work in Miami has the most passionate music fans. I'm very lucky to be here and part of the Cartel, and I hope to make your day a little better.