Check out DJ Mike Poster with an exclusive mix on Y100 during CLUB 100.
This Sunday, April 6, from 2AM - 3AM.

ABOUT DJ Mike Posner:

One year and three months ago, my life changed.

I was sitting on a plane headed from London to Los Angeles, when I realized that I had spent the last two years of my life in a flamboyant and colorful chase of nothing.  Two years out of college, I scored myself a couple of top 10 hits and I found myself addicted to the attention. I was constantly posturing for more fame and more money. It was pitiful, and I was ashamed of myself.

I no longer saw the purpose in pursuing my career as an artist and thought it would probably be best for me to quit, and focus on producing and writing songs for other people (at which I had been successful with Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" and Labrinth/Emeli Sande's "Beneath Ur Beautiful"). 

Sitting in seat 6A, contemplating how I would explain my early retirement to my team, the stewardess served sandwiches throughout the plane cabin.  As I bit into this semi-disgusting/ airline/ veggie concoction, I found what I now consider to be my calling.  This veggie sandwich made me realize that there was no way I could quit being an artist.  This veggie sandwich made me realize it was possible to use my talent for good, not just to acquire myself more fame and more money.  This veggie sandwich allowed me to come up with the following very simple, but very beautiful idea:

For every album I sell, I will serve a meal to a hungry American child. 1 for 1.

With the help of my manager, Kevin Liles, and Amy McFarland at the Food Bank of NY, this idea has transformed from a page in my notebook into real change in real kids’ lives.  My dream is to have other artists copy this idea as they release their albums, which could help far more people than I can on my own.

Since eating this epiphany-filled sandwich, my music has magically gotten better, artists have showed up—seemingly out of nowhere—to feature on the project, and best of all, I feel fulfilled, secure, and happy. 

I'm so grateful for my mother, my father, my sister, Finally Famous, Onslow, and the rest of my friends who have supported me no matter what.  I love you all so much. Sincerely,

Mike Posner

Relate. Love. Inspire.