DJ Mummy

DJ Mummy:

When other kids are given the option of a turntable or a car, most would take the car, not DJ MUMMY. As a teenager he knew his calling was music and he started DJ’ing at local clubs in LA even though he wasn’t old enough to attend. At the same time, he was spinning and hosting a weekly radio mix show of his own while also holding down resident DJ spots on the Sunset Strip.

Then his talents brought him to South Beach! - (moment of silence for corny LeBron reference.) For over 10 years Mummy has been a dominant force in South Beach’s club scene sustaining long term residencies in major venues. He’s worked as a tour DJ for G Unit’s Lloyd Banks and Young Buck traveling the globe to such places as Germany, London, Amsterdam, Scotland, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Geneva, Canada, Dublin, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and Dubai. He also has been a featured host and mixer for many Spring break parties in Cancun and Acapulco.

Currently DJ Mummy has a weekly mix show on one of the most renowned top 40 stations in the country Y100. He has performed for a wide variety of individuals from Hugh Hefner to Lil Wayne & from Flo Rida to Mickey Rourke. Whether it’s radio, concerts, nightclubs, private events, coast to coast or anywhere in the world Mummy masters the ability to entertain the masses.

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