Male Celebrity Gropes Wendy Williams On Live TV, Host Bans Him From Show

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On her talk show, Wendy Williams discussed the "worst guest" she's ever had, who's since been banned from ever appearing on it again. Unfortunately, it was a man who groped her on live TV. 

Williams recalled this moment, while discussing the Charlie Rose allegations. "My worst guest, I'm not gonna name. But I can tell you this. It had to do with some groping, and you all saw it but didn't say a word. And I felt it and I didn't say a word. My staff saw it, and that guest will never be here anymore. He's not relevant anymore, anyway," Williams said to her audience.

She continued: "He hugs me, but lays in my breast inappropriately. And I didn't know what to do, 'cause I'm brand new on TV, whereas now I would definitely push somebody through a glass coffee table. I didn't know what to do." 

Though Williams didn't name the person, her fans did some CIA-styled investigating of their own and found a photo of comedian Gilbert Gottfried laying his head on the talk show host's breasts and hugging her, during his visit to Williams' show in 2011. See a tweet of it below. 

In an interview with Inside Edition, Gottfried said that he didn't remember the details of the situation and also added that he didn't know that he was banned from the show. 

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