Anne Marie Q&A at Southwest Sound Stage

English Singer/Songwriter Anne Marie stopped by iHeartRadio in Miami and spoke with Y100's Michelle Fay before heading over to the Southwest Soundstage for a Q&A session with a room full of lucky fans. She shared the story about how singing songs for a woman who was learning piano eventually lead to her landing a record deal. She also answered questions regarding what she thinks about other artists remixing her songs, who she would like to collaborate with, and also told the audience about one of her guilty pleasures.

At the conclusion of the Q&A session, Anne Marie, who was unfortunately feeling under the weather and unable to sing, invited a brave young fan onstage for an impromptu karaoke performance of her song "2002".

See the full interview with Y100's Michelle Fay, the Q&A session at Southwest Sound Stage, and Meet & Greet photos below.

Y100's Michelle Fay speaks with Anne Marie


Anne Marie Q&A at Southwest Sound Stage


Meet and Greet


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