ILoveMakonnen, Fall Out Boy, pay tribute to Lil Peep in new music video


ILoveMakonnen has officially released the new video for “I’ve Been Waiting,” thanks to visual artist and designer Sus Boy. The collaboration between ILoveMakonnen, Fall Out Boy and Lil Peep, who died of an overdose in 2017, was released back in January. “All the songs that Peep and I have worked on are special to me. I knew adding his heroes Fall Out Boy to ‘I’ve Been Waiting,’ would be a tribute to my friend and collaborator that I could feel proud of,” ILoveMakonned previously shared via a press statement that accompanied the initial rollout of the single. Watch Sus Boy’s new music video for Lil Peep, iLoveMakonnen and Fall Out Boy’s “I’ve Been Waiting” above.


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