Kodak Black Arrested AGAIN In Miami.. Average Saturday Night For Kodak


Few things I learned about Kodak Black. #1 my Free Kodak shirt will never go out of style. #2 Kodak has seen the inside of almost every jail in the entire south east. Gotta be honest.. like Kodak, I'm a Pompano Beach kid. When I worked as a producer/beat-maker in my recording studio days I used to see Kodak and his camp all over the place. Even brought Kodak, before Kodak was KODAK, to the boss (at the time) of our sister station, 103.5 The Beat.

Point is, I went to bat for the home team. I loved seeing his success and the entire Dollar n Dealz / Sniper Gang family win. It's tough for me to watch this move the way he's moving. Although the questionable behavior falls on him. His team is doing a piss poor job keeping Kodak in line.

Fed charges have a 97% success rate. We won't be seeing Kodak any time soon. Hopefully his time in the pen give his team some time to re-strategize and put together a winning plan for this talented young kid.


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