Soooo Kourtney Kardashian And John Mayer Are A Thing


As much as I pray that someday Scott and Kourtney get back together, I gotta admit.. not gunna be mad if she and John Mayer become a thing. At first I thought Kourt was just messing with Ellen but when she picked him over Shawn Mendes I knew this could be something.

John Mayer's got a lot going for him.. in my different ways and angles. Remember his naked paddle board pic from a few years ago? Guys hanging down by his kneecaps (per Katy Perry), he has the voice of an angle, and he's easy on the eyes. Hard to blame Kourtney if you ask me. And if I'm John Mayer I'm all up in Kourtney's DM's after watching that. Maybe we'll be seeing him on an episode or two of KUWTK.. or maybe this is just a 1 night thing to find out if Katy Perry is full of it.


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