We All Need The Viral Shawn Mendes Dance Routine In Our Lives #SummerBodSzn

Gotta be honest.. when the Wobble came out, I was in the middle of my living room, moving the coffee table to the side and trying to learn all the steps.. same with the Cupid Shuffle.. can't forget 'Crank that Souja Boy' "YOUUUUUUUU". No one wants to be the only one in the club that can't break out the Cupid Shuffle right?! When I saw a new Shawn Mendes dance routine going viral.. it was bye-bye to the coffee table again and we got to work.

Don't judge me bro. I'm not much of a runner.. barely get my cardio in. The real sad part is that I had my mom come over and teach me some of the steps. She counts me out.. one two three four. five siiiix sevennn eight! That was the story of our Sunday night last week and I still don't have it down, but I will!

..and it will be ugly.. trust.


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