A-Rod Got Caught Poopin' And He's PISSED About It! (No Pun Intended)

Haters will say it's photo shopped. Ok, fine.. that pic is photoshopped but A-Rod really did get caught poopin' in his high rise NY apartment! BUT since there's a law suit happening our iHeart Radio web zar Eric told me that if I posted the actual picture that he'd be forced to put me in a headlock. Normally I'd be up for the challenge but Eric's a retired MMA fighter who literally looks like he moves houses for a living. Like, picks them up actually moves them. So I had to resort to my extremely underwhelming photoshop skills.

Here's the deal. I'm not shocked A-Rod got caught poopin' bc everyone poops. What would really shock me is if J.Lo got caught poopin'. Everyone knows women don't poop. Imagine if the only proof we had that women do, in fact, poop is a TMZ shot of J.Lo droppin a hot one. That'd be EPIC.


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