Britney Spears Is NOT Here For Your Conspiracy Theories

So I'm not gonna lie... I haven't been following the #FreeBritney hashtag the way that diehard Britney Spears fans have.

I can't comment on her status because OBVI - I don't know Brit like that (even though I'm calling her Brit like we're besties LOL).

But I can tell you that she is over people saying that she's not posting to her own social media accounts. She posted this video in response to the conspiracists (aka haters, critics, etc).

Now.... is this legit Britney posting to her own IG account? We still don't know for sure.

What I do know is that the "fashion show" was really bizarre but I'm gonna give her an A for effort!

Sending Britney all the love & positive vibes!

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