Check These Signs To See If Your Friend Is A Serial Killer...

Thanks to The Odyssey Online, we now have a list of signs to look for when determining whether your BFF is a serial killer...

SPOILER ALERT: Wearing socks to bed is a dead giveaway ..... pun intended.

  • They enjoy the ends of the bread for sandwiches...
  • They have the read receipts ON

  • They don't put salad dressing... on their salad
  • They stop for 3 seconds at a stop sign (I'm not sure anyone does this... & are these quick seconds or Mississippi seconds...)
  • They pour milk BEFORE cereal into the bowl

  • They wear SOCKS TO BED
  • They finish their chapstick tubes! This I find to be miraculous considering I can't find 90% of my lip balms...
  • They don't like red Sour Patch Kids... This is the equivalent of only liking yellow Starburst - HOW

LOL for the full list of ridiculous nonsensical "serial killer" indicators - check out The Odyssey Online!

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