EXPLICIT: Bella Thorne Releases NUDES On Twitter.. "Hacker Made Me Do It"


Ok so where do I start.. first time I saw Bella Thorne in person was at Jingle Ball a few years ago. She was dating Charlie Puth at the time who was performing that night. She had a low cut shirt on and no bra, looked like an absolute skeez. Not sure why I get weirded out when actresses Dres scandalous. I just do. In any case, when I read this headline I wasn't shocked what-so-ever.

Apparently the hacker not only has HER nudes but also other celeb nudes that were in her phone.. which got me thinking. Which famous celebs have send Bella Thorne d*ck pics!? She's dated Charlie Puth.. Scott Disick..Parsons Chandler.. PLUS she dates girls too. The possibilities are endless. Exciting, right? We'll keep you posted on the latest celeb nudes that drop;)



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