Jennifer Lopez Launched A Monthly Subscription Box We All Need

Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong. If she were to tell us where she found the fountain of youth (because isn't it obvious that she found it?!) - we'd flock there like the loyal JLo followers we are trying to get her gorgeous skin.

Same can be said for her diet, workouts & lifestyle in general. If it's Jennifer Lopez approved - I WANT IT. I want to "age" the way JLo is... like Benjamin Button.

If you're like whoooo tf is Benjamin Button - it's that character from the Brad Pitt movie that aged backwards. NOT to be confused with Taylor Swift's cat.

Back to the subscription box which was curated by Jennifer Lopez herself & you can get it for $95 (it's over a $200 value)... It features the cutest leopard print leggings from Niyama Sol that are made from 84% recycled plastic & can't be purchased anywhere else!

Butt masks (LOL yup), a necklace, JLo-esque sunglasses & more!

This particular box (seen below) is seasonal so run - don't walk- & get yours here!

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