ESPY Winner Ryan O'Reilly TOOK OUT HIS TOOTH & Blew Twitter's Mind

Do I watch sports? Honestly no... Unless the Florida Gators are playing then I stop EVERYTHING & cheer on my alma mater!

But when I heard that this St. Louis Blues hockey player Ryan O'Reilly TOOK OUT HIS TOOTH before accepting the ESPY on behalf of his team - I flipped out LOL

Here's some backstory... the St. Louis Blues were last in the NHL (National Hockey League) in January and they WON their first Stanley Cup championship (in 52 years) this past June!!! No wonder they won Best Comeback at the ESPY Awards this year!

Check this guy out though LOL


MIND. BLOWN. & I'm not the only one who feels this way!


Question though... did Ryan stick the tooth in his pocket? Does he do this often? What would've happened had he dropped it?! LOL I need answers!


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