Leonardo DiCaprio Comments On The 'Titanic' Door Controversy - Jack Fit!

We ALL watched the movie 'Titanic' when it came out in 1997 & we all crushed on Leonardo DiCaprio with good reason! It was like we were connected with these movie characters so once the ship started sinking because of a stupid iceberg - it's like SERIOUSLY!? WHYYYYY

Jack and Rose are perfect for each other and they finally got away from Rose's awful, abusive ex fiancé Cal! HOW COULD YOU LET JACK DIE, ROSE?!

If you need a refresher... Rose was able to get on a door in the middle of the freezing water and even though there was PLENTY of room for the both of them on the damn door, Jack stayed in the water... Check the size of the door here in this deleted scene:

Yo... JACK COULD'VE FIT! When being interviewed for their upcoming film 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' - Leonardio DiCaprio sat alongside his movie costars Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie and had this to say about the iconic scene:

I'm just glad to know that Margot Robbie and I have the same feelings about this issue LOL They're actually saying this scene is one of the most controversial movie scenes & I agree!

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