Forever 21 Sends Diet Atkins Bars to Plus Size Shoppers

WHOA. I have NO idea what Forever 21 was thinking but they thought it would be a good idea to send some Atkins diet bars to their shoppers.... specifically those that ordered plus-sized clothing.

I'm just as stunned as you are.

In a world where there are so many people being shamed for who they are and what they look like - I can't help but wonder WTH. I can understand Forever 21 receiving these Atkins samples thinking "hmmm let's send out some of these samples to our consumers"... but sending these products to those who haven't asked for them could trigger a negative outlook on body image & send a fat-shaming message.

WELP. I'm not the only one that felt it was inappropriate! Since receiving backlash - I read Forever 21 has apologized & stopped including the Atkins samples in all of their online shipments.

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