Shawn Mendes WON'T Help Bisexual Fan Come Out To Her Parents Because...

I love artist Q & A (question & answer) sessions because they really give insight on your favorite artist & allow you to have the opportunity to ask whatever question YOU want to know! Sometimes though, the question can be a bit personal like the case of this bisexual fan that asked Shawn to help her come out to her strict parents.

Spoiler alert: Shawn said no. His reasoning though was so sweet in that they are HER parents and they already adore her.

Sweet... except for the fact that he has received some backlash because of his response!

Take a look at the video:


& here are some fans criticizing Shawn for what he said...


I actually agreed with Shawn's response but others found it inappropriate. What do you think? Should Shawn have recorded the video instead of encouraging her to be brave and speak her truth?


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