South Florida Shark Week Is Here And I'm Scared Of The Ocean Again

Every Summer it happens.. I tell myself I need more rest & relaxation at the beach.. good music.. umbrella drinks.. and that golden brown, chocolate-chip cookie tan.. aaaand then Shark Week airs on national television and I'm like NOPE! Not going in the ocean, not going swimming, pshhh I'm not even going on the sand.

Gotta love how they show shark bite after shark bite and then try to sell the fact that sharks are a beautiful animal and aren't here to harm human. Umm.. according to the last few years of Shark Week all we've seen is testimonials of people getting mauled by great whites. Pretty sure they're aggressive and absolutely positively NOT swimming with them.

In years past the show was nationally focused so we'd see shark attacks in Hawaii, California, Florida, even up north by the Cape. Now they air "South Florida Shark Week"?! Apparently we have enough shark bites a year to have our own series.. so that's fun (rolls eyes).

Don't know about you, but I'll be sticking to pool party's and slip and slides ONLY this summer.

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