Ariana Grande Has A New Man And I Refuse to Believe It

Soooo news source Page 6 is telling us Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster from Social House are dating and I gotta be honest with you.. NOPE! I'm NOT buying it.

I've been duped once already this month into believing Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello were dating. Sources close to two confirmed that are NOT in fact dating.. and that it's to promote their new single "Senorita".

My theory: Ariana Grande got caught up in the #Shamila buzz (just like we did) and is planning the same situation with Mikey Foster to promote their new single "Boyfriend".

I'm not being a hater- I want all parties to be happy, I just don't want to report fake news so I'm voicing my opinion until we get the the facts.

Peace & Love.


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