South Beach: Get Ready For New See-Through Men's Bathing Suits!

Okkkkk.. I'm all for edgy trends here in Miami. Just.. not necessarily for me, but being born and raised here in South Florida, I get it. Male-rompers dropped and dudes were picking them up like hot cakes. Women we're getting bathing suits made with their boyfriends faces on them! Again, maybe not for everyone.. but these are the things we see here in Miami.

Gotta be honest.. the see-though bathing suit- I'm not here for it. It's not that I'm scared to see another mans junk. I played 4 years of high school football, I've seen a million penis'. There's a big different in being naked in a locker room and being naked at the beach.

Not here for it.. won't be wearing it- don't even ask.

Love you!


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