Lizzo Says "Truth Hurts" Should Be The Anthem, Hillary Clinton Responds

Am I the type to get political? Nope. Do I love Lizzo? Hell YES. I honestly didn't think I'd see artists and politicians coming together, but then again I didn't foresee Cardi B sitting with Bernie Sanders but that TOTALLY happened!

Anyways - Lizzo tweeted a video that used her song "Truth Hurts" as the National Anthem, & I was like OMG this is Twitter gold LOL and seeing that Lizzo herself tweeted it made me crack up!

I didn't think anything could top it but then - BAM. Hillary Clinton replies using the rest of Lizzo's lyrics leaving the twittersphere in disbelief....

Because, yup, the former Secretary of State sings along to "Truth Hurts" like the rest of us.

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