Ashton Kutcher Blames Mila Kunis & Adele For His "Spite" Mustache

It all started when Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis were getting ready for Adele's birthday party... I KNOW, I'm not sure why we weren't invited but let's get back to how the 'stache came to be.

According to Mila, Adele's 31st birthday bash which was 70s themed. Invitees included Jay-Z so you KNOW they had to look on point... but of course, that's not a problem considering both Ashton and Mila starred in That 70s Show!

Ashton shaves his beard - leaves the mustache & dresses in his 70s best.

Ashton and Mila arrive to Adele's party only to find out that it was in fact a 1930s New Years Eve theme!!!!

Awkwarddddd :D

Want another mustache angel? Here ya go! LOL

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