10th Annual Florida Day of the Dead

Get ready for the 10th installment of the ever popular and spirited festival of remembrance and revelry! On this date, it is believed that the gateway between Mictlan, the ancient Aztec land of the dead, and our own opens up so we can dance and sing with our lost loved ones for one special time of year.

With just 750 attendees in 2010, the event swelled to over 15,000 participants in 2018. The Celebration is a creative spectacle honoring Mexican and Latin American traditions while generating modern interpretations that connect with a broad spectrum of demographics. Rooted in community, this event embraces a universe of ideas from a legion of talented skull inspired artists, mariachi musicians, painted performers and enthusiastic skeleton clad revelers.

Partners, Sponsors and Programming details announced in Spring 2019. To get our details on ALL of our events and to stay current on our updates, visit our website: www.dayofthedeadflorida.com and check out the full list of events on our Facebook page!

Memory for the Dead, Party for the Living!

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