An Intimate Evening With Charlie Puth

Tuesday night, the Y100 Southwest Sound Stage was filled with dancing, laughter and excitement, as fans buzzed before Charlie Puth took the stage for an exclusive evening event in Miami.Over one-hundred Charlie Puth fans gathered for an intimate conversation and performance from the eclectic singer.

Puth stood comfortably behind his keyboard, teasing fans with the keys and even singing their names during the audience Q&A period. It was an enjoyable and sometimes hilarious conversation with Y100’s Midday Host, Brooke Morrison, who has previously interviewed him on his last tour. Puth showed his passion for music while talking about the production of his early songs, the difference in his new songs and spoke about being compared to artists like John Mayer. 

In a room filled with excited young women, Puth said, “Embrace your inner weirdness.” He continued to talk about the importance of standing out in the age of social media. While Charlie gave Y100 listeners a lesson in being themselves, fans were able to teach him about Publix, ‘pub subs’, and more of the Miami culture. 

After sipping a hot tea with honey, the singer ended the evening with an outstanding, soulful performance where he sang “Attention”, “How Long” and “Mother”. Watch the performance below:

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