Twerk It Tuesday: Is Twerking Still A Thing?!

When I read that schools want to ban twerking for life- I asked myself the same question that came to your mind.. "people still twerk?" Is Twerk-Tuesday still a thing on snapchat? Call me old-fashioned but I'm kinda over the whole twerking thing.

We get it.. you know how to shake it. Maybe you've been to a strip club, maybe not. Maybe you've taken notes.. may not. We're not judging you, it was a thing. Just like mullets and baggy pants, but let's leave all that where it belongs.. in retirement.

Thanks to people like J. Lo, Cardi B, and Halsey the twerk has seen it's glory days..

Now it's RIP to the #TwerkTeam ..was fun while it lasted. On to the next.

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