Taylor Swift Ex-Manager Scooter Braun Pens Open Letter After Death Threats

"I'm sorry... the 'old Taylor' can't come to the phone right now!"

After much controversy following the purchase of Taylor Swift's entire music catalogue, her ex-manager Scooter Braun has spoken out publicly for the first time. You'll recall he coughed up a hefty $300 Million for all her music and subsequently, she can't make any moves (legally) without his approval... SHE'S STUCK.

Well, though he has full leverage over her in terms of the law, she still is a very powerful, influential woman with a large social media presence and following. She's cried out to her fans as best she could and it's led up to him and his family receiving death threats. Due to this, he finally publicly stated this:

It's speculated that Taylor, who will be awarded "Artist Of The Decade" at the American Music Awards this Sunday on ABC, will give him quite the earful on stage. It's unfortunate she won't be able to legally perform though, so we wonder what will come of it...


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