Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She'll No Longer Post Nude Pics To Social Media

In a recent interview with The Cut, media mogul Kim Kardashian revealed that she no longer feels the interest to post naked or near-nude pics to social media. She stated:

I don’t know if it’s the fact that my husband has voiced that sometimes too sexy is just overkill and he’s not comfortable with that. I listen to him and understand him. Still, at the end of the day, he always gives me the freedom to be and do what I want. But I have kind of had this awakening myself. I realized I could not even scroll through Instagram in front of my kids without full nudity coming up on my feed pretty much all the time. And I definitely contributed to that.

She went on to point out how awkward it is to be working alongside politicians in the White House and, for example, posting a bikini pic the next day and feeling awkward. As opposed to arriving on location while vacationing and immediately spotting setups where she can take sexy pics, Kim's new sentiment is:

“Let’s actually live in real time and enjoy it. If we happen to get a photo, great.”

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