Bernie Sanders Slow Jams The News With Help From Jimmy Fallon, The Roots

Well, here's one way to get political views and issues heard!

Senator and Presidenital candidate Bernie Sanders joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on The Tonight Show to talk about his fight for the American people, but with a twist! There's no smoother way to talk about this country's "bottom half" or the disparity in who's "on top" in this country's money game than by setting the mood with a slow jam tune playing in the background.

Jimmy goes on to ask about what Bernie has in mind, to which he echoes his most "burning desire," LOL... free healthcare for all.

In his sexy, quiet storm tone of voice, Fallon even sets up a joke about the Senator having a "big heart" to which he slickly replies that his heart is JUST. FINE.


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