Grandma Who Accidentally Invited Teen For Thanksgiving Continuing Tradition

Remember back in 2016 when an Arizona grandma tried to send out a text to invite her grandson to Thanksgiving dinner, but ended up texting a stranger who came over anyway? Well that grandma, Wanda Dench, 62, and stranger-turned-family Jamal Hinton, 21, are keeping the tradition going strong for the fourth consecutive year.

You'll recall it all started with some selfies via iMessage:

The tradition is actually very sweet. Jamal posted a video last year to YouTube alongside his girlfriend, Mikaela, giving the rundown on his bond with Wanda. In the video, the Arizona grandma says:

"We moved around a lot so I was always going to new places. And so strangers were not strangers to me. Family is more than blood. It's the people you want to be with."

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