People Magazine's '2019 People Of The Year' Are 4 Women, Each Gets A Cover

Why have one when you can have four?!

For the first time ever, People Magazine has announced four celebrities as their People Of The Year for 2019 and each one is getting their own cover! But of course, it only makes sense that all 4 celebs are ladies, girls run the world supposedly we heard somewhere... LOL.

Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez are featured this year for their achievements in TV production (The Morning Show), published works/philanthropy, record sales, and blockbuster movie and tour sales, respectively.

People stated:

The accomplishments are varied but have one thing in common: They came when these women got to know themselves better and focused their work on what makes them happy. Success followed those decisions and journeys—and that’s something we can all learn from.

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