BLACKPINK Fans Protest Against YG Management, Claim BTS Receives Favor

This is the type of marketing you can't buy!

Fans of the widely-popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK launched a protest ad campaign against their management company YG for lack of promotion and for not fulfilling their promise to showcase the ladies more this year!

As reported by Billboard:

A video playing on the truck requested that YG give the act two comebacks — the term commonly used in South Korea for the release and promotion of new music — a year, release promised solo releases for the three other members of the act following Jennie’s from last year, proper promotion of the act, and having the act participate in year-end award shows.

The four-member girl group has only released 13 original songs as an act, an additional collab with Dua Lipa, and a solo single from one member since the group’s foundation in 2016, despite assurances from YG’s founder -- prior to his stepping down from the company earlier this year amid a series of police investigations -- that the act would be more active in 2019 and that each of the other three members would release solo singles.

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