Mariah Carey Sued By Former Nanny, Most Recent Of Many

Mariah Carey's former employee, a nanny for her children by the name of Maria Burgues, filed suit against the iconic singer this Monday. Variety reports:

According to the suit, Carey’s children had a bodyguard, Marcio Moto, who routinely yelled at Burgues and made her feel threatened. In December 2017, Burgues claims that they were all driving to Las Vegas together, and Moto started yelling at Burgues and threatened to kick her out of the car and leave her by the road. She complained about the incident, but says nothing was done.

The suit also alleges that the bodyguard would FaceTime his girlfriend while driving resulting in near-accidents. Moto is also accused of yelling at Burgues in front of the children's dance instructors and other MC staff. Burgues was eventually fired and is seeking reparations for emotional distress.

Where's the LOOOVVVEE these holidays??!! LOL

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