Justin Bieber Shaves His Stache!

After weeks and weeks of fans asking the Biebs to shave off the stache, he's finally caved in!

On Sunday, Justin posted a video on social media showing him with an electric razor and getting rid of his mustache. Following the video, Justin posted a pic of his freshly shaved face with the caption “Baby face BIEB” to his Instagram feed. However, he did make it clear that it went on vacation and that the 'MUSTASHIO' will make a comeback.

Fans may have to thank his wife in this decision because a source told PEOPLE that she “can’t stand his mustache so eventually it will come off.”

Since his comeback earlier this year, the Yummy singer has felt the heat about the scruffy upper lip and has been defiant on shaving it off. But if the source is right... Happy Wife, Happy Life. Right?

Photo by: LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images

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