Second & Third Coronavirus Deaths In Japan Originated From Cruise Ship

An 87 and 84-year-old man and woman are the 2nd and 3rd deaths in Japan linked to the infamous Coronavirus. The Japanese Health Ministry revealed that they contracted the airbourne disease while abroad a ship associated with Princess Cruises. USA Today published some numbers that are pretty astounding:

According to data, 621 of the 3,711 quarantined passengers and crew on the ill-fated ship have the virus. That makes the cruise ship the most infectious site besides China.

As of today, the last of the quarantined passengers to test negative have been allowed to disembark from the ship, which was statistically the most infectious concentrated site for the virus outside of China.

There are now more than 76,000 confirmed cases globally and more than 2,200 deaths — most of them in China.

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