Man Hears Noise Coming From Attic, Finds Stranger Has Stayed Overnight

This could've gone left.

An Oklahoma City man had to call the police when he found a stranger in his home. The homeowner heard a noise coming from his attic, which he assumed to be a squirrel, but when the noise got "bigger," he went to check. After finding an intruder in his attic, he went for his rifle then that's when we got this dialogue with dispatch once he called police:

Dispatch: Oklahoma City 911. What’s your emergency?

Victim: Yeah. I’ve got a man, a stranger, in my house.

Dispatch: How did he get in your house?

Victim: He came in through the attic. He camped out overnight. I need somebody here immediately. I have a gun on him right now.

Dispatch: I want you to walk toward the gate and put the gun down and unlock the gate.

Victim: OK. Grab your bag. We’re going downstairs.

Victim: Turn left here, left!

According to Stamford Advocate, the man was charged with burglary.

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