Justin Bieber's Exotic Cat Found By Sandra Lee 3 Weeks After Running Away

We thought F1 Savannah Feline breeds were supposed to be loyal? LOL

Justin and Hailey Bieber's fur baby, Sushi, the exotic pet, has been gone for 3 weeks and it wound up at Emmy-award-winning Sandra Lee's house of all places. The cat arrived punctured by porcupine quills and looked cold and exhausted. It was clearly starving too, it downed warm milk and 3 cans of tuna while Justin arrived for it.

Sandra recalls:

This is great news for the Biebs this week, cause he wasn't having much luck with touring. The "Changes" singer had to downsize from a stadium tour to arena tour instead due to lack of sales, though he'll still be at the 64,000-seat Rose Bowl in LA. Sadly, the Coronavirus isn't the reason, he just simply is over-the-hump in his career seems like...

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