Rudy Gobert Donates $500,000 To Home Arena Staff Following NBA Suspension

Rudy Gobert, the Center for the Utah Jazz, has tested positive for COVID-19, widely known as Coronavirus. The NBA suspended the season on the same day. Now #27, standing at 7ft-1in, is donating a half-million dollars towards his home arena's staff, who are now out of work. We can't help but think it's his guilty conscience for behaving so childishly at a press conference just 2-days before his positive test.

He made an official statement which can be found on the NBA website:

“I would like to publicly apologize to the people that I may have endangered. These donations are a small token that reflect my appreciation for all those impacted and are the first of many steps I will take to try and make a positive difference. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously.”

Check out the video from the press conference below:

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