Taylor Swift, Drake, John Legend and More Self-Quarantine Amid Coronavirus

As the world continues to navigate through the uncertainty and inconvenience that is COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, even the celebrities we look up to and idolize are being affected. They're just like us but with more popularity, after all. The officials are asking that people self-quarantine and avoid elders and large crowds to minimize the spread of the pandemic.

You can almost taste the annoyance in Drake's recent post; "My life for the next however long." The 6 god shared a peek at his home basketball court where he'll be practicing "social distancing" until it's safe.

Taylor Swift is also self-quarantined, spending time with her fur baby in London. Meredith, the cat, looks like she definitely knows how to be "socially distant."

Lady Gaga, Millie Bobby Brown, and Chrissy Teigen are also in self-quarantine amidst the global pandemic. Each shared a few words with fans about the importance of practicing "social distance" at this time. Well... except Chrissy, she's clearly more bored than anything, LOL.

But Chrissy won't be bored for long, it looks like her talented hubby, John Legend, is taking a page from Chris Martin of Coldplay's book and going Live on Instagram to perform for his fans. We just KNOW she'll be in the background at least, one way or another. LOL, Chrissy can't resist a social media moment like this! :)

And while most well-known names are self-quarantining to avoid dealing with the virus, some are already living with it and practicing "social distancing" for the good of the people around them. Idris Elba and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez have taken to social media to share their story and thoughts after having tested positive for COVID-19.

How are you practicing "social distancing" this week?

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