Hoda Kotb Breaks Down On Live TV – 5 Ways To Manage Stress During Pandemic

During this pandemic, it might feel exceptionally difficult to cope with the multiple stresses that life brings on. And no one is exempt from the feels.

During a live broadcast of Today, host Hoda Kotb was wrapping up an interview with Drew Brees (who just donated $5 million towards the fight against the spread of coronavirus) when she suddenly broke down in tears. It's been 2 weeks since Hoda has been holding down the show from the studio alone while co-hosts Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, and Craig Melvin handle their respective duties from home.

Watch as Savannah takes over the tease for Hoda:

Viewers expressed their sympathy online:

So what can you do at home to manage the stress brought on by the coronavirus pandemic? Here's a few tips to help you stay sane:


(1) LIMIT SCREEN TIME – Aside the fact that being in front of the screen for extended periods of time is scientifically proven to be awful for you, it definitely doesn't help to be bombarded from every angle with sad news and panic posts. Take your selfie, post a cute caption, say "Hey!" to friends, and keep it moving! Grab the facts from the news outlets and don't indulge in the sensationalism of it. Know your limits!


(2) MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Don't skip meals, eat your veggies, stay hydrated, and get the proper amount of sleep in! A nap isn't an awful idea either! A healthy lifestyle promotes a healthy state of mind so go get a little Sun and don't forget to stretch and break a little sweat while you quarantine.


(3) LISTEN TO MUSIC – With so many artists doing free performances online and plenty of new releases still popping up amidst the mass self-quarantine, music is a way to escape now more than ever. If you find you've got more time on your hands now than you did before, and especially if the stress of this all is getting to you, just try getting lost in your favorite tunes. Or discover new vibes. Remember, our iHeartRadio app is free and live 24/7, quarantine or not! 💡


(4) INDULGE IN SELF-CARE – Maybe your happy place is in a tub of bubbles for a warm bath, maybe it's in the garden using your green thumb. For some it's as simple as closing your eyes for a few minutes and concentrating on your breaths. Whatever it is you enjoy doing to put your mind in that "happy place," do it. And enjoy every minute of it. Self-care is a very effective way to manage stress, especially now during these times.


(5) GET SOMETHING DONE – Have you been neglecting cleaning the garage? Or putting together that new piece of furniture for the living room? What about sorting out which clothes to keep and which to give away? No matter which of these, or similar, it will help you manage your stress to get some tasks done. Make a stress-free to-do list for yourself and get to work. You'll feel better as you check items off one by one, watch.

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