Data Firm Shows Graphic Of How FL Spring Breakers May Have Spread COVID-19

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases grow day by day, it becomes more evident that Spring Breakers really shouldn't have been on those beaches just a few weeks ago. Especially now knowing what we do, about the Coronavirus being three times for contagious than the flu and people being asymptotic for over 48 hours even if positive for the virus.

Data firm Tectonix GEO replied to a tweet posted by the Texas Department of State Health Services explaining how one person can make the difference between stopping or continuing the spread of the Coronavirus. The graphic they replied with is very eerie. You can see, using satellite signals, how one gathering at the beach could turn into a nationwide disaster.

Our TV partners at NBC6 reported this:

“We wanted to see how social gatherings like spring break beach crowds can have on our society in the face of a global pandemic," a Tectonix GEO spokesperson said. The heat signals show where they went after going home - Tectonix suggests it’s an example of how the virus spread through the eastern United States.

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